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There are many different forms of babywearing, it comes in all shapes and sizes, this includes the carrier, the parent, and the child.

We offer many different services, based in Colchester we also branch out to Essex and Suffolk and hold regular meet ups and socials for all like minded parents interested in using slings.

About Us


Colchester Sling Library has been helping parents choosing slings for over 2 years now. Our founder Caroline has over 9 years experience in carrying and has studied with two different babywearing schools in the uk. Beverley is the groups main peer supporter, She has been carrying for over two years and has been running the monthly meets for almost 2 years and has a vast knowledge of all the carriers and how they work.

We have recently recruited Toni to the team who have recieved training and are now peer supporters for the group, bringing more experience and enthusiasm to the team.


We meet up on the first wednesday of every month from 11am until 2pm at St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Close, Colchester, CO4 0HP. We bring our full sling library to this meet. We also meet several times during the month, details of these meets can be found on the facebook group This group is a great chat group for all parents in the area who are interested in carrying, they can ask questions, post pictures and buy/sell wraps in the group.

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There are many different types of sling, we support the use of slings which hold baby in a position supporting their hips and their development but any sling can be an amazing bonding tool as well as a practical piece of parenting equipment.


In the Sling Library we have many different types of sling availiable to try.

A good guide to the different kinds can be found at



Consults last approximately one hour. They can be on a one to one basis, as a couple or with a friend who has similar needs.


We recommend you contact us for a chat once you are booked in to establish your needs and how we will meet them.


There are many different levels to a consult, from a beginner wishing to get some one to one advice on which sling might suit their needs to the experienced sling user looking for help tweaking a specific carry.


A consult can greatly benefit your babywearing journey at various stages.

We can travel to your home or you to ours or to a convenient agreed place. We bring all relevent slings with us as well as 'dolls' for you to practice using the slings.


When you book a consult please remember we are parents too, we will look to book at a time most convenient to you, we will expect you to have to tend to your child/children during the consultation and having to do so will not affect the quality of the consultation provided but it means it may run longer. This will be discussed at time of booking.


Consults around Colchester and Ipswich (and areas between) are £20. Please contact us for prices outside of this area.


Group bookings, demonstrations, and many other services are availiable on request - please contact us for more info on:

Hiring a Sling



We work on a membership basis at the Colchester Library (subject to terms and conditions)


Membership costs as little as £10 per year and allows you to borrow one sling at a time for up to a maximum of one month

Baby wearing enhances the special bond between you and your child


The Colchester babywearing group has given me lots of amazing advice and support over the last 14 months! They have taught me so many different carries and I would never have thought I'd still be wearing my little one at 2 years old. For that I am very grateful!


Emma W,Colchester




The group and consultancy have helped me in finding the right slings for my sons (age 1 and 3) and after a consultation not only am I using my full buckled carrier but Ive even starting wrapping!


James M, Ipswich

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send us a review to get it published here!


send us a review to get it published here!



E and her Zara
E and her lenny lamb
E using a mei tai
E using a barabarn RingSling
A using the close carrier
V showing us close enough to kiss
B's early days with a moby
B using a ll mt
V using one her many AP's
V in the British Countryside
V showing off her Starry Night
V showing her skills in AP
Say Hi to T and L!
Back carry with a huge 9 year old!
J showing off her tandem skills
J t the farm
B showing off her oscha (& skills)
B back carrying in a mt
T double hammocking
Evening stroll
E at the reservoir
Close enough to kiss